Just a Minute

Time Bank

"Just give me a minute."

I'll be there in a minute"
"This will only take a minute of your time." 
"I'll be done in a minute."

When you use these phrases and others like it you are acknowledging the power of a minute!

60 seconds may not seem like that long (until you try holding a plank or a wall-sit), but you can actually end up accomplishing a LOT when you invest one minute consistently over time. 


This is the compound effect. 


When you consistently invest small amounts of time (even one minute) or energy, talent, work, attention, etc. You will notice BIG changes over time. 

However, it's often not the activity that's hard...it's the consistency.

Take reading for example. 

Do you wish you would read more books? 
Do you struggle at the thought of reading one book a month?

But if I asked you if you could read 20 pages, that's no problem, right?
That's an easy goal...or so it seems.


You see...
Reading 20 pages is not hard. 
Doing 20 push-ups is not hard. 
Saving $20 is not hard. 
Spending 20 minutes to call a friend is not hard.

These are all simple, small investments. 

The challenge is the commitment to little investments every single day. 

Do you realize that if you committed to reading 20 pages every single day, you will have read 600 pages in one month!?!?


Small investments + Consistency + long period of time = BIG RESULTS. 


That's the compound effect. 

That's why I started the One Minute Bible Studies on my website. 

I hope you desire to spend more than one minute reading the Bible, but it's a great start and a worthy investment!



What's ONE small action you can take that will get you BIG results if you do it every day?