BCM INTERNATIONAL is a faith-funded ministry that relies on financial partners to accomplish our ministry to children and churches around the world.

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BCM is a global movement making a difference in over 60 countries. We are actively reaching children, planting churches and equipping leaders to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Please consider giving a tax-deductible gift  to help fund our ministry with BCM International. 


How to make a difference in 2023

2023 will be my first full year in missions with BCM International.
Listed below are how your donations will be used:

  • I need to raise $2,250 in monthly support ($27k/year).
  • I am planning five to seven international trips this year at an estimated $3,000/trip which equals $21k/year.
  • I will be writing a leadership curriculum and the cost of publishing and printing really adds up. I would like to start setting aside money to fund those projects. My goal is to raise $10k for 2023.


Monthly Support: $27k

Much like a pastor, we rely on a community of believers to fund our ministry. The majority of our support comes from financial partners who give on a monthly basis and we have a large portion already raised.

To be at full support in 2023 we need to raise $2,250/month.

The donations given for monthly support cover things like:

  • Salary
  • Health Insurance
  • Social Security and taxes
  • Retirement

I want to make sure you know how your partnership and donations are making a difference in the world, so I send out a prayer letter at the end of every month called, The Lowe Down, that fills you in on the work I'm doing with BCM International. 

Please consider partnering with our ministry with BCM International.

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International Trips: $15k - $21k

As a Leadership Development Coach, a significant portion of my role with BCM International will be traveling to our mission bases, camps, and retreat centers around the world. I will be meeting with local pastors, directors, and other spiritual leaders to equip and empower them to Reach Children and Strengthen the Church.

I thank God for my education and the past 15 years of ministry leadership experience in reaching the next generation for Jesus.
I believe God has equipped and gifted me to offer personalized coaching to local ministry leaders who are called to reach the children in their community while strengthening their churches. 

I will also be hosting workshops, leading trips, and teaching courses for leaders to deepen their faith and develop their leadership.

I plan to schedule 5 to 7 trips in 2023.


The cost of travel has gone up exponentially over the last year, and I am currently budgeting for $3,000/a trip.


I am raising $15,000 - $21,000 for International travel. 


Click below to help fund my international travel for 2023.

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Curriculum: $10k

I will be writing various leadership curriculums for pastors, directors, and other spiritual leaders.
These workbooks and courses will help leaders grow personally and professionally to better fulfill God's calling on their life.
I believe leadership makes the difference! Some topics will include:

  • Living and leading with core values
  • Cultivating and casting vision
  • Better strategies for reaching people with the Gospel
  • Discerning God's Calling
  • Building and leading teams
  • Leading through change
  • Organizational alignment
  • Discipleship

The cost of publishing and printing really adds up. I would like to start setting aside money to fund those projects. My goal is to start by raising $10,000 this upcoming year. 

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The Journey: 

My family was commissioned by our home church to enter the mission field back in May of 2022.
I have been involved in full-time ministry since 2005. The last ten years have been spent serving the church in various pastoral roles. My wife and I were both involved in missions before we met each other. During our first year of marriage, we had the opportunity to lead a mission trip to Peru where we were introduced to BCM International

BCM stands for Bible Centered Ministries. Our mission is to Reach Children and Strengthen the Church.  These are two very important things that Jesus cares about you and I investing our time, attention, and resources.

In October of 2021, I received a surprise visit from Carlos, the Latin American Director for BCM, whom my wife and I met during our trip to Peru. We met for coffee later that week and Carlos shared about BCM's need for leadership development so their missionaries can develop their teams and ministries to fulfill BCM's mission.

That meeting turned into five more meetings as I met with the president and vice president to hear more of their vision for my role.  

The role:

I have joined BCM International as their Leadership Development Coach. My role will be to Equip and Empower leaders to carry out BCM's mission in their countries and contexts. I graduated from Lancaster Bible College with my Master's degree in Ministry and Leadership Studies and it is my personal mission to help Christian leaders Deepen their Faith, Discover their Purpose, and Develop their Leadership. 

All of BCM's missionaries have a solid Bible foundation but not all of them have access to the leadership support and resources that we have here in the United States. I am excited to come alongside these local leaders in over 55 countries to help them develop their leadership capacity by offering support, coaching, and resources.


BCM is a Faith-Funded Ministry

BCM International relies on faithful (and cheerful!) givers who are committed to the vision and mission to Reach Children and Strengthen the Church

Each individual has unique gifts and abilities that are used to build up the church and reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Not everyone can be involved in full-time ministry, but we can partner with each other to carry out the ministry that makes a difference for eternity!

There is so much work to be done, and no one can do it alone. We need each other to fulfill the Great Commission. 

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